Allopathic Medicine
Dr. Patitsas is an MD with current board certification.

Over 25 years of Experience
Dr. Patitsas has been building his skill and knowledge in Ophthalmology for over 25 years.

A Great Hospital
Dr. Patitsas works with J.C. Blair Hospital to provide excellent healthcare to those living in rural Pennsylvania.


Welcome to the "Insight Eye Clinic" in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. We have been serving residents of central PA for almost 25 years. Our friendly staff will help you schedule an appointment.


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Mrs. H. T.
“...Dr. Patitsas has always been there for us. My mother is his patient, I am his patient, and my kids are too...”

Mr. J. A.
“...Its the time he spends with us, its not so common to find these days...”

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